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IMG 0103

Shaping the future of organic bakery in Luxembourg together

Biowoch Banner

"Bio-Woch": organic week, an awareness campaign for organic farming in Luxembourg from 13-19 May

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New opening: New restaurant Farm.acy is open in Munsbach above the Naturata Bio Marché

Bio Diva

Bio-Diva cows visit Cactus

GWÖ Preisverleihung

Oikopolis Participations S.A. receives award certificate at the Gemeinwohl Summit 22

1078 BIOG Glace Quetsch Kanéil 11 L

Available again: BIOG winter icecream plum-cinnamon

Eisleker Raclette 2 2

Genuss zum Dahinschmelzen

1239 BIOG Eisleker Kéis Raclette 72dpi

NEW - Éisleker Raclettekéis

IMG 4009

Film premiere: Vu Buedem, Bauzen a Biobaueren

Bauerekeis Apero

NEW Eisleker Bauerekéis in cubes

Nachhaltigkeitsbrochüre 2022 WEB 1

New sustainability report 2022

Kas Haff Luxemburg

BioG member Tom Kass nominated for EU Organic Awards 22

Bauerkeis am Stueck

New - Éisleker Kéis pieces

Malt die schönste Bio Kuh

Bio-Divas visit the Kass-Haff farm party

IMG 2024

Mit den "Bio-Divas" in der Stadt - Aufklärungskation der Biog-Bauern

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BIOG at the "Bauerenhaff an der Stad"

Banner Kasshaff Kühe Weide 3

Organic sector meets the Minister

LEADER event 2

LEADER Finnland x Sweden goes Biogros

Wandpark Sunset3

More sustainability, less greenwashing

Biogros Five T 4

Successful together in the circular economy

Pestizidatlas2022 Grafik 27b

The new Pesticide Atlas is here!

Naturata Ou G

Recent study proves: Only organically produced food is free of pesticide residues

Friendship Scheckueberreichung 2021 Naturata

Major customer support for mangrove reforestation campaign in Bangladesh

Ami kivu Web CHARLOTTE arrose

Naturata fundraising campaign 2021/2022

Ecopull low 87

Video - ECOPULL the reusable transport protection

Remise Nova naturstroum Zertfikat 2021

Naturata and Biogros receive award from the fonds nova naturstroum

Himbeerjoghurt 2

New: BIOG Joghurt Hammbier

Obstplantage Latz Solarpanels 3

Partner of Biogros invests in solarpanels

IMG 3649

Zukunft Säen 2021 - a short recap

Repowering Windkraftanlage Okt 2021 4

More power for our wind turbines

Baueren Allianz Bettel

Together towards sustainable agriculture

Eco Pull 87

Biogros employees develop sustainable transport cover

Bauerekéis m brett

New - BIOG Eisleker Bauerekéis

ULC Biogros


Film Zellulose Verpackung

Video about new cellulose packaging for fruit and vegetables at Biogros

BIOG Karotten in Cellulose

Cellulose instead of plastic

CO2 Kompensation 2020 alle

Our double effort for the environment

Kass Gal15

New OIKOPOLIS am Dialog event

1083 BIOG Glace Straciatella 11 L RVB 300dpi

BIOG Glace Stracciatella

Actu20210628 GD Altrier

Grand Duke visits organic market garden

Mehlen Gal15

New company: BIOG-Cerealis Sàrl

Eisleker Keis

Eisleker Kéis - made from premium Demeter milk - without silage

Merci Logo

A new donation of € 15,000 for SOS Faim

OIKO2b Flowforms WEB

Munsbach boasts new "Zen Zone“

7636 BIOG Kreuzkümmel

New: BIOG Cumin seeds

Biogros Eco Kistee WEB

BIOGROS actively contributes to climate action

Kaes Gal6

First digital OIKOPOLIS am Dialog

GW Testat

Exemplary result for OIKOPOLIS



Kaes Gal17

Development of orcanic agriculture worldwide

Conférence de presse Luxembourg business for human rights

Appeal for a national law on due diligence within the value chain

BIOG 6 Burger und Falafel

New: BIOG Veggie-Burger & Falafel

Groupe WEB

NATURATA & SOS Faim fundraising campaign: This is how you contribute in South-Kivu

OIKOPOLIS Naturata SOS Faim Holzbox 148x105mm Internet

NATURATA & SOS Faim: Together for the people in South-Kivu

20200603 Actu Coop Pain

Just prices for food?


From the field to the table: organic breads from our Bakhaus

Bouneschlupp BIOG WEB

NEW: BIOG Bouneschlupp & BIOG Soupe de lentilles corail

LAG 2020 LKW alle WEB

Presentation of the Lean & Green Awards 2020

Plakat Poster Ringvorlesung DE

Fight Every Crisis - digital lecture series by the Cusanus Hochschule


Finally online: the KPMG Customer Experience study 2020

Affiche Eng Aerd

Eng Äerd – a documentary, pointing out ideas, not problems

Elektro LKW Präsi 2020 Überreichung alle WEB

BIOGROS presents the first E-Truck in Luxembourg to the public

Chambre Commerce MERKUR Gruppenfoto

Nature as a value

04 09 2020 CO2 Scheck alle WEB

OIKOPOLIS companies compensate their CO2 footprint

BIOG Confitures WEB

New: BIOG jam with less sugar

Schokolasbotter Produkt WEB

New: BIOG Schockelasbotter

Kaffee Produkt WEB

New BIOG Espresso & BIOG ground coffee


KPMG study: NATURATA Luxembourg again in the Top 10

Hand Pflanze RVB Internet

Online now: The OIKOPOLIS Foundation Homepage

Gaspacho Produkt WEB

New: BIOG Gazpacho

Partnerschaft Hochschule

New Master's programme "Economy - Responsibility - Institutional Design

Information Logo

NATURATA: First steps towards normality...

BIOGROS Weizenmehl

Agriculture in times of Corona


„Bestell vun doheem“: Online order and home delivery

Merci Logo

Cordial thanks

Actu20200324 HP EN1

NEW : Current news and basics available in English

Information Logo

NATURATA: current measures & up-to-date information

Information Logo

Customer information

2020 Banner Actu Biofach

BIOG diary plant participating in the BIOFACH convention

Banner Actu Expo TEX

In the NATURATA Bio Resto: textile art in miniature

Banner Actu Kundenkartenziehung2020

NATURATA voucher lottery: new record

Actu20200211 Spendenaktion Symbolscheck

South-Kivu : a big thank you to all the donors

2020 Actu etikamera Banner

NATURATA farm shops as portraits of an exhibition

20200120 OIKO Dialog Rene Becker Banner2

"Providing new farmland for organic farmers"

SO Sfaim2019 actu2 Frauen Feld

NATURATA solidary action: interim result from South-Kivu

Spendenaktion2019 actu1

NATURATA & SOS Faim: „help for South-Kivu“ – sustainable agriculture instead of poverty and dependency

201910actu expo Gi Mo banner

„Organised chaos‟ : energy-intensive art pieces in the NATURATA restaurant

IMG 7793

New NATURATA in Altrier: Official opening of "number 11" in the country

Klare Suppe 250g

Product recall

LU CCC Report2019

Customer experience survey: NATURATA leader in Luxembourg


30 years anniversary of „zesummen ënnerwee“: NATURATA, BIOG and OIKOPOLIS celebrate together


New: BIOG Crunchy Müslis

20190919 Bandel3

“We cannot afford cheap food products!”

Banner OIKO Dialog E Schmidt2019

“A guaranteed basic income is the foundation of freedom to work”


The ECOBOX – also in the NATURATA Bio Resto!


OIKOPOLIS: We compensate our CO₂ footprint


NATURATA now in Altrier too: the 11th store!


New: reusable „Superbags“!


OIKOPOLIS and BIOG meet minister of agriculture Romain Schneider

BIOG_Ravioli Rucola_Banner

From ravioli to tortelli: fresh pasta "alla BIOG"

BIOG_Glace Frozen_Banner

BIOG summer icecream: Frozen yogurt with lemon

Banner_BIOG_Glace_Aerdbier Van

Pure temptation: BIOG vanilla icecream with strawberry sauce


New initiative for organic grains, flour and bread

IMG 5925

30 years with NATURATA ënnerwee - over 100 friends of the organic agriculture hiked through the wild Ösling


NATURATA charity event: 15.000 € for the SOS-Faim project in South-Kivu

Expo_Neuens4pano WEB

EXPO: Ott Neuens - pictures with gemstones, gold and pigments

Actu20190412_OIKO_Dialog_Stiftung Detail

OIKOPOLIS gründet gemeinnützige Stiftung


BIOGROS: certificat proves resource prevention

Naturata_Leporello_Hand WEB

NATURATA: compacte information on food packaging


NATURATA customer loyalty cards : 178 winners


NATURATA charity initiative 2018/19: Together we help the people in Kivu to step out of poverty – thanks to sustainable agriculture!


A visit from the Grand-Duc at the OIKOPOLIS headquarters


NATURATA Howald : 10th store of the Luxembourgish organic farmers


OIKOPOLIS am Dialog: About the creative handling of time

Actu20181009_Zukunft Saeen

„Grapp voll Käeren“ - A hand full of grains - ZUKUNFT SÄEN! 2018 on the Schanckhaff


3x sustainability: ecological, social and associative

Banner_Meyers Guy2018

The Meyers-Haff: More than 20 years of Demeter!


An arolla pine mill for the OIKO-Bankhaus


Sixth year of the economic council: how is the organic industry financed?

FAE2018_Visite GD_Handshake_web

Luxemburgish organic products in the focus of the agriculture convention


Bio-Agrar award for NATURATA Bio-Resto & Café


NATURATA compensates CO₂-footprint


OIKOPOLIS am Dialog: Who owns corporations?