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Are you the manager of a retail outlet, gastronomy business, large-scale kitchen, catering service, or maybe a small village shop, and you’d like to source organic food?

Well you've come to the right place!

For more than 25 years, we have been supplying high quality organic food six days a week to our Luxembourg customers, and we regularly adapt our offering to our customers’ needs.

We stock products from well-known organic brands like Naturata, Rapunzel and Lebensbaum, as well as organic products from lesser known or smaller producers. Thanks to our close collaboration with organic farmers from the cooperative Bio-Bauere-Genossenschaft Lëtzebuerg (BIOG), we also offer a whole range of regional organic products. These are sold under the BIOG brand.

You will certainly find what you’re looking for among our 3 500 items in the fruit and vegetable, dry goods and dairy produce sections.

Don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be happy to advise you!

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Quality and competence

When you enter the BIOGROS warehouse, it’s hard to believe that it all started in a garage. And yet, even wholesalers start small.

Today, BIOGROS has a modern warehouse in the immediate vicinity of the Luxembourg/Trèves A1 motorway, with high-bay racking, generously sized cold rooms for fruit, vegetables and dairy produce, as well as special packaging machines, mainly for potatoes, fruit and flour.

Sustainable transportation

Orders are taken Monday to Saturday, and a modern fleet of lorries delivers to customers all over Luxembourg. Within this framework we endeavour to avoid any unnecessary empty journeys. Hence the return leg is combined with consignments of returnable bottles and crates, or the collection of organic crops from our farmers.

For many years we have also placed a great deal of importance on preventing waste. Biogros only uses as much packaging as necessary. It is optimally adapted to the respective product and has as little impact on the environment as possible. At the same time, it fulfils its purpose of protection, extended shelf life and clear separation from conventional goods in mixed retail. We have been striving to switch to plastic-free packaging materials for fruit and vegetables for over a decade. The cellulose packaging used for BIOG fruits and vegetables is the first film that is proven to be 100% biologically recyclable. The raw material for the film production comes from residual and waste wood from certified forestry. The new cellulose film is certified by the German TÜV as "home and garden compostable", which is currently the highest environmental standard for film packaging worldwide.

We deliver fruit, vegetables and dairy produce in sturdy, reusable crates, thereby keeping the use of plastic and other packaging materials to a strict minimum.

In 2021, a further step towards sustainability was taken with the in-house development of an innovative reusable protective cover, the ECOPULL, which is used for the transport of goods to the retail trade. Biogros can thus save almost 3 tonnes of plastic film per year when supplying the Naturata Bio Marchés.

All waste is sorted and, wherever possible, processed by Superdreckskëscht. We saw up the single-use wooden pallets internally and transport them to Bio-Gäertnerei op der Schanz for them to use to heat their greenhouses, among other things.

Finally, we rely on green power only and offset our carbon footprint every year.

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Proximity of the organic farmers

In order to support regional organic farming and the organic farmers from the cooperative Bio-Bauere-Genossenschaft Lëtzebuerg, we created the BIOG brand together with the BIOG cooperative. However, under this brand, we sell not only crops from our local organic producers but also imported organic produce.

The imported produce extends the range of BIOG products and fills the regional gaps. It is the sale of imported organic food and the existing wholesale structures – with warehouse, fleet of lorries, etc. – that mean the BIOG farmers are able to receive a fair price for their crops.

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Internal processing

BIOG potatoes, carrots and squashes, along with many other varieties of vegetable, are processed in our Cuisine Artisanale, into BIOG cooked dishes like soups or salads. That way, high quality organic vegetables that are not fit for sale due to their size or shape, being too small, too large or irregular, still get used. The development of new BIOG dishes is constantly adapted to demand, allowing consumers that don’t have the time to cook – or who don’t want to cook for just themselves – the chance to still enjoy organic meals.

The Cuisine Artisanale prepares different varieties of organic vegetables for the catering trade and large-scale kitchens, for example by dicing or slicing them according to the client’s wishes.

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Collaboration in partnership

Since the beginning, we have relied on trade founded on partnership and a responsible and fair collaboration with our organic producers and suppliers. We enter into agreements with the producers regarding the crops and thus help to optimise the growth of fruit and vegetables and reduce any surplus. We donate top-quality produce that we are unable to sell because it is near its use-by date to the association Cent Buttek, managed by a staff of volunteers who distribute the produce to people in need. Vegetable waste and odd-shaped fruit and vegetables are used to produce energy in the Mangen biogas plant.

Our object consists of supplying retail outlets with quality organic food, effectively supporting the development of organic farming and thereby protecting the environment in the best way possible.

We also want to fulfil a social mission, and to represent and respect all interests, from the farmer to the consumer.

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