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Naturata and Biogros receive award from the fonds nova naturstroum

On Tuesday 16th November, Biogros and Naturata were awarded the prize of the fonds nova naturstroum in Munsbach in the presence of Mr Claude Turmes, Minister of Energy and Spatial Planning.

The incentive award is given to companies that show a special environmental performance in terms of sustainable electricity, e.g. investments that are innovative and promote renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in Luxembourg are rewarded. The fund consists of the three members Energie Agence, Natur & Ëmwelt and Enovos.

Biogros was presented with the certificate for the acquisition of the first electric-powered refrigerated truck with associated charging stations. These are powered by 100% natural electricity from Enovos. In addition to CO2 emissions, which are reduced from around 97 kg to 1.3 kg per 100 km, energy consumption is also reduced by two thirds compared to a conventional diesel truck.

Naturata received the sustainability award for a heat recovery system that will be implemented in all new and renovated shops - for the specific application at the company's headquarters in Munsbach. The installation captures heat generated by food refrigeration and freezing units as a by-product and reuses it to heat water and rooms. A large part of the heat demand of the Naturata building complex in Munsbach is covered in this way. This conserves valuable resources and contributes to the circular economy.

After a word of welcome from the Mayor of Schuttrange and a presentation by Frantz-Charles Muller, President of fonds nova naturstroum, on the activities of a.s.b.l., the numerous and diversified initiatives of green electricity provider Enovos were presented by Claude Simon. Afterwards, the handover of the certificates took place with Minister Turmes. Andreas Loch (Oikopolis Services) and Frank Toussaint (Naturata) received the award.

The group has already received this special award three times: in 2007 for the energy concept of the OIKOPOLIS centre and in 2011 for that of the OIKOPOLIS subsidiaries. In 2015, the energy-efficient house and building technology of the NATURATA branches Esch-Belval, Kass-Haff and Meyers-Haff was recognised. Thus, this award joins an already long list of constant efforts for a sustainable and resource-saving way of doing business.