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LEADER Finnland x Sweden goes Biogros

End of March, Biogros invited the participating partners from Sweden and Finland as part of the EU LEADER funding programme and the "CIRCLE" cooperation project.

For 20 years, the programme has enabled local action groups across Europe to participate in the sustainable regional development of rural areas. The project leader for the Mëllerdall region in Luxembourg is the Mëllerdall Nature & Geopark.

The "CIRCLE" project pursues the goal of imparting more knowledge about the circular economy through an international exchange and the demonstration of best practice measures. During a tour, Karin Weber (Head of Sales at Biogros) was able to show the participants how the company approaches and implements the topic of circular economy on the basis of four practical examples.

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  • LEADER event 5
  • LEADER event 2
  • LEADER event 3

With the aim of conserving resources and at the same time providing ecological impetus in the industry, the organic wholesaler dispenses with packaging material wherever possible and strives for the most sustainable solutions possible where the use of packaging is absolutely necessary. This gives rise to the following questions and their solutions:

What about the conservation of resources and the recyclability of the materials used?

What alternatives are there to disposable packaging?

Can used material be put to a new use?

  • In-house recycling of wooden pallets and crates for heating a Naturata Bio Marché store.

Also present were Jeff Weidert from Fromburger Hof, who grows organic tomatoes for Biogros, and Goerges Schiltz, local producer of apple juice and wine. Thanks to their many years of experience in the organic market, they were able to answer the visitors' questions alongside with Karin Weber. They especially wanted to know more about the opportunities and difficulties of the Luxembourg organic market as well as about the specifics of the four circular economy projects. There was great interest in the home-compostable cellulose packaging and the innovative reusable transport solution Ecopull.