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Cellulose instead of plastic

As much as necessary, as little as possible: this is BIOG's guiding principle with regard to packaging of fruits and vegetables.

The packaging is optimally adapted to the respective product and has as little impact on the environment as possible. At the same time, it fulfils its purpose of protection, extended shelf life and clear separation from conventional goods in mixed retail, where non-organic products are offered alongside organic goods. Especially there, it is important to use printed packaging to label organic goods so clearly that consumers can find the organic food they are looking for without any doubt and without any risk of confusion.

The brand of the organic farmers' cooperative in Luxembourg and the organic wholesaler Biogros recently achieved a breakthrough in the packaging of fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the transition to cellulose, this is now plastic-free. The cellulose used is certified by the German TÜV as "home and garden compostable" - currently the highest environmental standard for film packaging worldwide. It dissolves into its original natural components during composting, thus remaining part of a natural circular economy and protecting resources and the environment.

Repaq biologischer Kreislauf

BIOG has been working tirelessly on alternative solutions for plastic for thirteen years. Since 2008, the biobased plastic PLA has been in use. Although it is made from renewable raw materials, it can only be recycled in industrial composting plants. Now it has been replaced by the new cellulose film.

The reduction of packaging waste is one side of the coin, the avoidance of food waste due to the better shelf life in the cellulose packaging is the other, equally important side. This way, not only the consumer and the trade but also the environment benefits from lower waste rates for various items such as fresh salads, leafy vegetables, etc.. A win-win situation for all sides.